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I have read some terrific stories recently (and have even more to look forward to on my to-read list!) so I decided to use my regular review blog to talk about three excellent paranormal stories that I’ve recently enjoyed. For some weeks, I’ve been raving about the wonderful Ghosts Galore by Fiona Glass. This gently … Continue reading Recent Reads

Release Announcement: World Naked Gardening Day Gay Romance Novellas

I’m delighted to be able to share this post for these fabulous stories by a clutch of my favourite authors. No, doubt, these will all appear very soon on my regular Recent Reads segment. Can’t wait to read them! I’ll hand you over to A.L. Lester to explain further. Welcome to World Naked Gardening Day! … Continue reading Release Announcement: World Naked Gardening Day Gay Romance Novellas

Recent Reads

As an avid reader, I thought I’d add to my blog, and vary things a little for regular viewers, by reviewing some recent stories I have read. I’m delighted to kick off this regular feature with stories written by two friends and wonderful authors, Late Night Poetry by Nell Iris and Renovations K.L. Noone. I … Continue reading Recent Reads

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