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Release Day: The Misfit

And release day for The Misfit is finally here! This is book 5 in my Twelve Letters series and a spin-off from the main storyline. My new novella is currently in the 20% off pre-release/new release sale at JMS Books until April 7th. All four previous novellas, Twelve Letters, Queer Relations, Coming of Age and…

Read Around the Rainbow: How do you feel about blurbs?

I gather that some of us approach blurbs with a sense of trepidation from the feedback about the topic chosen for this month’s Read Around the Rainbow blog. I have to say (very quietly) that I don’t mind writing book blurbs. I hasten to add that they’re not my favourite admin task, but as a…

Recent Reads: The Weight of it All and The Faction

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed two very different but equally engrossing worlds by N. R. Walker and Addison Albright for this week’s Recent Reads. I love N. R. Walker’s stories and The Weight of it All has been on my radar for ages. Recently, a welcome nudge from a book recommendation thread on social media made me…

Words in Progress; Lord Rochester’s Monkey

I indulge in buying reference books far too frequently under the justification of essential research. But on my over-stuffed bookshelves, there are volumes I couldn’t resist purchasing even before I had that handy excuse! Of course, I can argue (with my budget and possibly my bank manager) that they tend to come equally in handy…

Rainbow Snippets: The Misfit

For this week’s Rainbow Snippets, I’m choosing a few lines from my upcoming story, The Misfit, released on April 1st. It’s the fifth novella in my Regency romp Twelve Letters series and a spin-off story. The Misfit is currently in the 20% off pre-release/new release sale at JMS Books. Authors who take part in Rainbow…

RoMMantic Reads: The Neighbor’s Yappy Dog

There’s a perfect weekend-themed story on the latest edition of RoMMantic Reads Zine, with a delightfully domestic story from Addison Albright on the perils of attempting a Saturday morning lie-in when the neighbour’s pooch won’t stop yapping!

Recent Reads: Till Death Do Us Part and Suspiciously Sweet

I’ve recently stocked up on European author Dieter Moitzi’s stories as the ones I’ve dipped into already have been so much fun! In my attempt to work through them properly, I started with Till Death Do Us Part. I found the premise and execution of the story to be so engaging in a deliberate combination…

RoMMantic Reads: Visions of Spring

As it’s now officially spring in the northern hemisphere, here’s a topical and smile-raising poem from Kaje Harper for the latest edition of RoMMantic Reads Zine. I heartily approve of the sentiments expressed in Visions of Spring!

RoMMantic Reads: Combustion

There’s a lovely weekend read from Fiona Glass in RoMMantic Reads Zine to raise the temperature and a smile. Combustion is a short story based on Fiona’s full-length story Trench Warfare. I enjoyed my introduction to Steve and Jon so much in Combustion that I had to snag Trench Warfare for their backstory!

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