New title in the works

I’m delighted to say that the first of my two Hot Flash stories due out over the summer with JMS Books will be released on July 10th.

This one is called A Roll of The Dice and is set in the atmospheric world of 18th century London’s bustling club land.

Joshua Jones is in London to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. As a young black man from a modest background, he works hard to pay for his painting classes, both as a fencing master’s assistant, then as a waiter in an exclusive gaming club, which his uncle manages.

During the London Season when the club as at its busiest, the last thing Joshua expects is to find romance. But when mesmerising older man, Frank Bartlett, is determined to seduce him, how can he resist? Joshua now finds he has another problem. How can he stop himself falling for the object of his desire?

I was kindly invited by fellow JMS Author Ofelia Grand to be a guest blogger on her regular Friday at Ofelia’s slot. It was a pleasure to talk about my inspiration and background for this particular story. Thank you again, Ofelia!

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