Recent Reads: Force Majeure and Kisses for a June Afternoon

I relish all the stories I’ve read by Sophia Soames but I have to say that Force Majeure, her latest book, is a tour de force! For this tale we’re straight into wonderfully familiar Sophia Soames territory, with intertwined themes of friends to lovers, coming of age, the swooping ups and downs of first romance, noisy, messy, caring families and so much love.

Force Majeure is set in contemporary Berlin and narrated by teenager Oakley, an only child of fractiously divorced parents whose life comes under further pressure when he realises he has fallen in love with his childhood friend and neighbour, Cemil.

The way these two young people work out their relationship issues while exploring their own identities is touching and real, with all the painfully joyous oversensitivity of first love. Sophia explores delicate issues of sexuality and identity with a sure touch and brings them alive in her loveable characters, with their contrasting but always supportive families. I was so involved in their story and cheering Oakley and Cem to find their so-deserved happy ever after!

Kisses for a June Afternoon is an equally romantic short read by another of my favourite authors. This is a continuation of K.L. Noone’s Wes & Finn stories about a devoted couple, one a Hollywood movie actor making a comeback after a serious injury, the other a professor of Medieval Literature, who live together in California. The delightful previous short stories charting the course of their relationship by K. L Noone are October by Candlelight, December with Peppermint, February Sugar and Tempests in April. After cruelly throwing Finn down a flight of stairs in her April story, (I think we forgive you by now, Kristin!) in Kisses for a June Afternoon, Wes and Finn reaffirm their commitment in this gorgeous mood piece, with plenty of sunshine, kisses and loving bedroom games. Simply gorgeous!

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