Coming Soon! Twelve Letters

After a visit to the 1930s for London in the Rain in April, then 17th-century Oxfordshire for my June story, Held Close to my Heart, I’m firmly in the territory of Regency London for Twelve Letters, my July story for JMS Books‘ 12th Anniversary submission call.

This story is an ensemble piece and very much a Georgette Heyer-influenced romp, with society gentleman trying to talk the other out of duels, misplacing indiscreet letters and unexpectedly falling in love.

It will be released on July 9th and is currently in the pre-release/new release sale at JMS Books until July 16th.

In Regency London, Jolyon Everett is determined to dissuade his irascible friend, Captain Ben Harding, from fighting a duel. However, before commencing on the pressing business of defusing Ben’s misplaced anger, Jo writes two letters, one to Percy Havilland, his very demanding paramour and the other to his tailor, Daniel Walters. With those trifles out of the way, he can concentrate on persuading Ben to reprieve young Edward Stephens, a newly qualified doctor, who Jo suspects has a serious crush on Ben. But the best-laid plans can go awry, as do the letters and, as well as a furious Ben, Jo finds himself at the mercy of an outraged Percy and an amorous tailor. Can he convince Ben not to shoot Edward after all? Will he soothe Percy’s ruffled feathers? And might Jo realise that true love can be found under the most unexpected conditions?

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