Rainbow Snippets: Shore Leave

It’s always fun to join in with Rainbow Snippets! Authors who take part post six lines from one of their stories on their blog, with a link back to the group post on Facebook.

My Rainbow Snippet for this week is from Shore Leave, published by JMS Books, and I can’t believe this story is now over a year old!

This gentle romance is set in the heyday of eighteenth-century Bath, where Naval Lieutenant Jacob Longley, more at ease at sea than on land, is accompanying his younger sister Letty in her first introduction to polite society. Jacob is immediately attracted to the gallant Sebastian Fforde who appears perfectly at ease at every Assembly Room function.

In this scene, Sebastian has just given Letty an informal dance lesson and is now putting Jacob through his paces, and for a brief moment, the men are left alone…

Jacob was achingly aware that their hands were still clasped from the dance, bodies almost in contact. Sebastian looked at him teasingly from under his long lashes and deliberately closed the gap. Being slightly shorter, he rose forward on the toes of his dancing pumps to raise his lips to Jacob’s.

Even after the steady escalation of attraction and longing since his initial sight of Sebastian, Jacob was rocked by the power of that first touch. He thought that such a gentle kiss should be full of promise and not this earth-moving thunderclap. Jacob felt like the oaken main mast of a ship that had been struck by lightning.

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