Recent Reads: Diversion

I was taking part in a social media event the other week when author Eden Winters was chatting about Diversion, the first book in her Romantic Suspense series of the same name. It sounded so intriguing that I downloaded it straight away and was completely hooked from the first chapter!

The fascinating and thoroughly researched background to these stories is the ‘grey area’ loophole in the American prescription drugs market, exploited for huge gain by the unscrupulous.

Cue Richmond ‘Lucky’ Lucklighter, past master of the prescription drugs diversion game and poacher turned gamekeeper, serving out his remaining sentence working for the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. If you’ll forgive the pun, he’s an arresting narrator, snarky and hilarious while keeping the world and his feelings at a suspicious distance with serious attitude and a diet of junk food and caffeine. He is not best pleased when he is paired with Bo Schollenberger, a clean-cut, healthy-eating, college-educated pharmacist who seems to be the antithesis of Lucky and isn’t best pleased to be referred to as ‘newbie’ or ‘fresh meat’.

Sparks fly between the two as Lucky discovers mild-mannered and handsome Bo won’t let him have the last word and once they are on an undercover assignment, they realise there is more to the other than meets the eye when mutual understanding dawns and passion flares.

The growing relationship between these two complex men with well-hidden insecurities is the beating heart of these fabulous stories as Diversion continues through Collusion, Corruption, Manipulation, Redemption, Reunion, Suspicion, Relation, Tradition, Decision and Benediction. Each can be read as one-off stories, but I binge-read all in short order as I couldn’t get enough of Lucky and Bo and the thrilling and complex story arcs that Eden Winters creates for these wonderful characters.

When I was reading through reviews of all these marvellous stories, a common comment was, “Why isn’t this series better known?” And I can only echo that sentiment, which is why I’ve devoted this edition of Recent Reads to this fantastic example of superbly written, thrilling, engaging and swooningly hot Romantic Suspense.

I felt bereft when I finished Lucky and Bo’s stories so I’m thrilled to say that Eden has announced a spin-off book to this series called Petty Crimes due for release this autumn. I simply can’t wait!

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