Rainbow Snippets: Queer Relations

As it’s release weekend for my new Regency romp, I thought I’d share 6 lines from Queer Relations for this week’s Rainbow Snippets. Queer Relations is now on a 20% new release sale at JMS Books until September 16th.

Authors who take part in Rainbow Snippets each weekend are encouraged to post a few lines from one of their stories on their blog and then link back to the group post on Facebook. I always enjoy joining in with Rainbow Snippets, especially to read and comment on everyone else’s choice of snippet.

Although it can be read as a standalone, this tale follows on from my July story Twelve Letters about a group of young gentlemen living in the exclusive West End of London. This snippet is taken from the start of Queer Relations where Percy Havilland, an outrageously spoiled brat, is mulling over the unsatisfactory state of his love life, having failed to play off his most recent lover, Jo Everett, with his current beau…

But Jo had not responded with the passionate fervor that Percy anticipated. As the Season drew to a close, Percy had seen very little of Jo, and Nathaniel Brooks, rather than taking Jo’s place with the alacrity Percy anticipated, had kept a calculated distance. 

After gracing several country house parties with his presence over the summer, Percy had returned to the capital with the presumption that his days and nights would resume their uninterrupted and pleasurable course. However, although he was affable enough whenever Percy encountered him at a St. James’ gentlemen’s club or a lady’s salon, Jo showed no sign of wishing to reignite his liaison with Percy. 

There were even some peculiar rumors abounding in their select and private circle of gentlemen who enjoyed other gentlemen, that Jo was involved with someone outside the ton, even a cit, which Percy dismissed out of hand. After tasting Percy’s perfections, it was impossible that Jo would ally himself with someone ugly or common.

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