Coming Soon: A Trick of the Light

My new story, A Trick of the Light is now on pre-release! It will be released on October 1st and is currently included in the 20% off pre-release/new release sale at JMS Books until October 7th.

This is my story for JMS Books‘ Halloween Trick or Treat submission call. Like last year, I’ve picked Trick, and I also decided to set my story in the city of Bristol. But this time I have moved the historical setting to the 1950s – a bit of a change from my recent Regency stories! However, there is a link between my last year’s Halloween story, A Tricky Situation, as my main character Kit returns in a ghostly form to help a more modern young man with a similar life challenge…

Kenneth Taylor has bright plans for a future as an engineer. In the summer of 1957, as soon as he returns home to Bristol from two years of National Service in the Royal Signals, a furious row with his dad means he’s thrown out of the house, and his prospects are in jeopardy.

He finds lodgings in the hilltop, bomb-damaged suburb of Kingsdown, determined to be independent and juggling night school with his humdrum day job. He soon meets Gino, the good-looking son of a local café owner and is thrilled when the attraction proves to be mutual. As their romance blooms, Kenneth finds unexpected encouragement from an apparition in the mirror who inhabited the house in the late 18th century.

When the ghostly vision of Kit also appears to Kenneth in his dreams, it seems they have much in common when Kit reveals his dilemma at a similar age, concerning his growing attachment to a young man, Ned. Past and present intermingle as Kenneth faces parallel and difficult decisions. But can he trust Kit? Or is it all merely a trick of the light?

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