Read Around the Rainbow: Favourite MM Romance Reads with Autumnal Covers

It was great to have a seasonal suggestion from the lovely Ofelia Grand for this month’s Read Around the Rainbow topic. Now autumn is on its way, it was proposed we might blog about our favourite MM Romances with Red, Orange and Yellow covers.

That might send a technophobe like me running for the hills, but lovely Nell Iris saved the day with a definitive list (and I even managed to save the link!) to happily look through the different colour-coded lists and see what jumped out at me.

Starting with red, there was the first book in a favourite series of mine, the delightfully bonkers Adventures in Aguillon by Lisa Henry and Sarah Honey. Red Heir is inventive, filthy and utterly hilarious. The premise is about an unlikely band of bravos breaking into a prison cell on an unlikely mission to rescue the lost Prince of Aguillon, undeterred by the fact that likeable opportunist thief Loth and his grumpy cellmate Grub both claim to be the red-haired prince.  I thoroughly enjoyed this offbeat mix of Wargaming tropes, medieval quest and bawdy humour that ticked all the boxes for me in terms of entertainment!

I was also thrilled to find a terrific story by our own Fiona Glass in the red list, the wonderfully atmospheric Echoes of Blood. Fiona is brilliant at building atmosphere, and in this subtle, eerie vampire novella, university professor Daniel, friendless and alone in a new city, makes connections that are more unnerving than he could ever have dreamed. The mood of uncertainty and threat is beautifully developed.

I found another favourite of mine with an orange and yellow cover, a delicious short tale by J.L. Merrow called Good Breeding. Short and sweet, this story is full of humour, crisply-drawn characters and situations. Giles’ initial snobbishness was hilarious and countered by Oz’s more nuanced approach to class. A vibrant coming-of-age story and great fun to read.

I’m sure there will be plenty of colour-coded recommendations to add to my TBR list from the other bloggers!

My post will be linked on the last Friday of every month with posts from fellow blog ring members. There are seven other writers blogging in the Read Around the Rainbow Webring this month… find their posts about their top three non-romantic reads!

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