Rainbow Snippets: Coming of Age

It’s release day for my new story, Coming of Age and so the perfect excuse to choose a Rainbow Snippet from this story! This is the third in my Regency romp series, Twelve Letters, following the lives and loves of a group of men in Regency London. Coming of Age is currently in the 20% off pre-release/new release sale at JMS Books until November 26th.

Authors who take part in Rainbow Snippets each weekend are encouraged to post a few lines from one of their stories on their blog and then link back to the group post on Facebook. I always enjoy joining in with Rainbow Snippets, especially to read and comment on everyone else’s choice of snippet.

This snippet is from near the start of Coming of Age. By this stage in the series, we have three established couples who have got together in the first two stories, gentleman Jo Everett and Bond Street tailor, Daniel Walters, Captain Ben Harding and Doctor Edward Stephens, and finally bratty pink of the ton Percy Havilland and his infinitely patient older lover Nathan Brooks.

In this snippet, while Jo is calling on Percy at his Mayfair home he encounters an infuriated Nathan on his way out. Once in Percy’s presence, Jo perceives that his friend is uncharacteristically questioning his own worth and his relationship with Nathan.

Jo chose his words carefully.

“It’s plain to all of us that know you both well that he genuinely cares for you. Nathan’s not the changeable sort once he’s made up his mind. I could never imagine him dismissing you on a whim.”

Rather than batting back that assertion with a knowing flutter of his eyelashes, Percy said quietly, “I realise that. It’s not Nathan who I doubt.”

Jo was at a loss for a reply. After many years of ton training, he was breezily au fait with the intricacies of drawing room protocol, but correctly addressing the insecurities of a former lover regarding his current beau was outside his general experience. No etiquette book he had encountered sought to cover that topic.


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