Read Around the Rainbow: What Are Your Writing Plans for Next Year?

For this month’s Read Around the Rainbow, we have a very timely end-of-year topic chosen by the lovely Ofelia Grand. I have to say, I’m looking forward to reading about everyone else’s upcoming stories and mentally adding them to my TBR list!

If you’d asked me this question a couple of months ago, I would have looked at you blankly, perhaps with a hint of panic! But it’s funny how things slowly come together when you’re busy focusing on other tasks.

To my surprise, I now have a firm plan for almost the first half of 2023. How did that happen?

I have to say it’s very reassuring to have five projects in place. That’s enough to make me feel as though I’m on track but still leaves my imagination plenty of scope for the rest of the year, together with writing time for submission calls I’ve already signed up for and any others that might catch my eye.

So, starting in January, I’m looking forward to the fourth and possibly final (you never know!) main story of my Regency Twelve Letters series. I threw myself into writing Gentlemen’s Agreement as I love spending time with my ensemble cast, Jo and Daniel, Ben and Edward, and Nathan and Percy, and I wanted to do them justice. So this is a longer story than usual for me at 30k words, hopefully, full of fun and happy ever afters.

For February, after spending recent months writing about the late 18th and early 19th centuries, it’s a nice change to revisit Elizabethan London and Gregory and Jehan, my couple from last year’s Valentine’s story, The Spice of Life. They feature in the follow-up short story, A Touch of Spice, together with their friend William the trouble magnet.

For the rest of the spring schedule, I already have a couple of stories semi-written or scribbled down. The Misfit, a spin-off story for my Twelve Letters series, is well underway, and I’m hoping to get that roughly finished before the end of the year, time and inspiration allowing.

Talking of inspiration, a fully formed Twelve Letters short story appeared in my head recently with a working title of A May Wedding, taking place in the year after The Misfit. Whenever I think I’m done with my Twelve Letters boys, they jump into my mind and reel off another story! Not that I’m complaining.

As well as those stories, there might also be a box set of my previously published Regency stories coming out in the spring, which is an exciting prospect. Whenever that might happen, it will be lovely to have them all together in one volume!

My post will be linked on the last Friday of every month with posts from fellow blog ring members. There are seven other writers blogging in the Read Around the Rainbow Webring this month… find their posts about all their writing plans for next year!

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