Rainbow Snippets: The Spice of Life

This weekend it’s the first bookversary for my Elizabethan London set romance, The Spice of Life, so the perfect time to choose a snippet from this story. Lots of my stories lurk around the late 18th/early 19th centuries, so it’s always nice to plunge into a different era for a change and who can resist the Tudors!

Authors who take part in Rainbow Snippets each weekend are encouraged to post a few lines from one of their stories on their blog and then link back to the group post on Facebook. I always enjoy joining in with Rainbow Snippets, especially to read and comment on everyone else’s choice of snippet.

In The Spice of Life, Jehan, a senior apprentice with a local spice merchant has caught the eye of Gregory Fletcher, a serving man who lives with and works for his wealthy relatives nearby. Gregory doesn’t expect anything to come from his crush, but when Jehan is accused of stealing and plunged into danger through no fault of his own, Gregory is impelled to hide him from the authorities.

Jehan lay down obediently as Gregory knelt, heaping the rest of the blankets over him. “I should be able to get some food for you at dinner time,” he said.

Jehan’s eyes looked heavy already, “All I need to do right now is to get some sleep.” Then he hesitated and asked, “Why are you helping me?”

Looking down at that drawn, vulnerable face, Gregory thought, because you’re handsome and charming, and I have a liking for you, so it pains me to see you brought so low. But instead of voicing his thoughts, he said stolidly, “Such a charge could be brought against any of us. But for the grace of God, it could be me.”