Chaos and Conjurations Release Day for K. L. Noone and K.S. Murphy

I’m delighted to be able to spread the word about this fabulous new release!

I’m celebrating with Kristin and Kelly in the M/M Fiction Addiction Cafe Facebook group later on today. This party with guest authors, including me, is from 4pm – 6.30pm EST (that’s 9pm – 11.30pm GMT). There will be lots of games and giveaways, so do join in with the fun!

I loved the first book, Spells and Sensibility, in this historical fantasy series and simply can’t wait to catch up with Theo and Henry’s adventures in Chaos and Conjurations! I’ll pop the blurb and links below.

Sequel to Spells and Sensibility

Captain Henry Tourmaline is having nightmares again. And this time he’s not even cursed.

But Henry is worried. He might be healed — but the healing spell left his lover Theo in pain, their magic tangled together. They’ve uncovered an ominous plot — but, without evidence, the Royal College of Wizardry refuses to believe them. And Theo’s brother, the Duke of Baselton, wants to meet Henry — but also wants to introduce Theo to a wealthy baron, a more suitable match … who might possess more sinister intentions.

Theo Burnett tells himself he has no regrets. He’s in love with Henry, and a permanent magical headache isn’t too high a price to pay for Henry’s recovery. But he misses his peaceful life in the College Library, before he became entwined in cultists’ plots and perils. And now he’s got his brother to deal with, and a baron asking questions about him. And Theo’s last magical secret is about to come to light … explosively.

Together, Theo and Henry will face curses, cultists, and chaos … and their own emotions, as they fight for their magical happy ending.



Recent Reads: Glittering Eyes and Read by Candlelight

For his week’s recent reads, I’m delighted to share two paranormal series that takes the reader to very different imaginary places.

Firstly, we have two Glittering Eyes stories from K.S. Murphy that I really hope will become an ongoing series (pretty please, Kelly!) Watch with Glittering Eyes, is a charming introduction to the magical pastoral world of witch Travis Greyweaver. A generous and stubborn man, Travis can’t be bothered with the constraints of the Magical Guilds and so is frequently in trouble with the stuffy Grand Council of High Magick. We’re also introduced to Nico, his cute constant companion of several years and a cat familiar as the back story of their relationship unfolds.

I really enjoyed how the intrusion of a malevolent paranormal force trapped in the local inn not only pooled their magical resources but also brought these two close enough to declare their feelings for each other. Their story continues in Trust with Glittering Eyes, when Nico’s hidden past threatens to catch up with him, disturbing the balance of his and Travis’ peaceful life. It’s no wonder that this story was included in JMS Book’s 2022 Top 10 Gay Romance anthology with its flawless world-building and a real sense of emotional connection between Travis and Nico. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

We turn from a cosy world of fantastical magic to all things Gothic in Gillian St. Kevern’s wonderful Read by Candlelight series. Her writing evokes classic mid-Victorian stories with a unique and alternative vision. I was recommended these by the lovely Fiona Glass and I haven’t looked back!

Read by Candlelight and its companion series How to Train Your Werewolf can be dipped into by readers, as each story is complete in itself. However, I was glad I’d read the first story, The Secretary and the Ghost, before the others, as MCs Pip Leighton and Lord Cross have a cameo in each of the books, which added to my ongoing enjoyment of the series.

These Gothic gems have all the recognisable elements of the genre, including spooky manor houses, lurking unearthly menace, dark family secrets and vulnerable heroes. The language is sumptuous and completely in keeping with high-Victorian Gothic while the plots and storylines are fresh and completely engaging. Gillian St. Kevern is still adding to this series, so for those readers like me who are completely hooked, I found the chronological book list on her website invaluable.

With this week’s selections, it’s such a pleasure to enter into the worlds that both writers have created and to want more!

Recent Reads: Romancing The Ugly Duckling, December Moon and The Full Moon Chronicles

Although I thoroughly enjoy reading writers new to me and enthusing about their stories, it’s always a treat to come across new or unfamiliar backlist stories from favourite writers

I can never resist any stories by Clare London and so I jumped at the chance of reading Romancing The Ugly Duckling, the second in her re-released Romancing The stories, a series of themed one-off romances.

I thoroughly enjoyed this opposites attract romance in Romancing The Ugly Duckling where both men get the wrong initial impression of the other. Fashionista Perry and outdoors-type Greg are thrown together by circumstances out of their control.

Greg’s four media-savvy London-based brothers are contenders for a new reality tv programme and they need to complete the set of siblings to be in with a chance of sealing the deal. But Greg has not only cut himself off from his mercenary family but also civilisation as far as Londoners are concerned.

Put upon stylist Perry is given the task by his exploitative PR company boss to hunt down the elusive Greg. He’s packed off to Scotland not realising that Greg has already refused to have anything to do with the offer. I enjoyed how this close proximity story of misunderstandings unfolded in the beautifully described surroundings of a remote Scottish island and its quirky and likeable inhabitants.

 This sweet, funny and romantic story developed with both members of our couple having to overcome their own difficulties and insecurities, which made their story all the more emotionally engaging. Another really lovely read from Clare London.

As you know, I can’t resist K.L. Noone’s stories and have a weakness for her contemporary couple Wes & Finn, the medieval history professor and Hollywood actor, whose main story thread was concluded in An October Question with their engagement. I was thrilled when Kristin mentioned an upcoming spin-off story so I had to snag my copy of December Beginnings.

We first met Matthew in Under an August Moon, as Finn’s stunt double, privately nursing a serious long-term crush on the star. In December Beginnings, while on set in Canada, Matthew is coming to terms with the news of Finn’s engagement to Wes in California. He slowly realises that he’s not the only cast member to have hidden feelings for another and that this time, he might be the oblivious recipient.  Matthew and Dylan make a super cute couple in this gorgeously romantic tale about letting go of impossible dreams to grasp reality for a chance at love.

K.S. Murphy co-wrote the fabulous Spells & Sensibility with K.L. Noone, (can’t wait for the sequel!) so it was a real treat to dive into the first book in her new historical fantasy series, The Full Moon Chronicles Book 1: 1847. I loved the lush and slightly fantastical setting of mid-19th century London and the grand mansion (or rather lair) of vampire Laurent as he encounters ragged stranger Seth in his study, who is far more otherworldly than he seems, hiding from the full moon rather than pursuers.

This was a delicious, atmospheric and sensual start to the series, with lots of world-building and a terrific connection between Laurent and Seth. I really enjoyed Kelly’s interpretation of vampire and lycanthrope tension which made their initial meeting all the more resonant and passionate, complete with a flip in the balance of power. I’m already looking forward to Book 2 of their story.