Recent Reads: PsyCop by Jordan Castillo Price

As an avid reader, there’s nothing so much I enjoy as getting my teeth into an absorbing series. So when I came across the paranormal mystery and suspense PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price, I knew I was in for a treat.

These MM urban fantasy books, starting with Among the Living, are set in modern-day Chicago, but with a significant twist. Psychic ability has been scientifically proven and moved into the mainstream, including the police service, with the institution of the PsyCop team.

The way Jordan Castillo Price blends contemporary city life with spooky otherworldliness is so convincing and genuinely gripping. But what makes these stories so human and readable is her main character, Vic Bayne, a medium of such strong ability that he instinctively plays down, along with the fact he’s gay. Vic is a fabulous narrator, an outsider and overthinker beset by anxiety and with a hilariously dry sense of humour.

I certainly don’t want to add any spoilers for those wanting to check out this wonderful series, but I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying that Vic’s development from his heavily medicated, socially limited and minimal existence to an empowered human being and a powerful medium has everything to do with Jacob Marks, an apparently non-psychic PsyCop who Vic hooks up with at the start of book 1.

This budding romance and the way these two fit together drives these stories and provides some heartwarming and hot moments in between the paranormal creepiness and mayhem. Also, the supporting cast of colleagues, family and friends is as strong as the main characters and helps make these books so vivid and enjoyable.

There are 13 books so far in this ongoing series (12 currently on KU). I’m on the last one and eking out the last final chapters so that I won’t have to wait for too long until book number 14 and my next Vic and Jacob fix!


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